Each client that chooses to photograph this time in their life is making the decision to preserve a part of their personal legacy, which becomes part of their history.

Investments start at R1250.

Please contact me for more information regarding my price list & packages

Maternity and newborn combo packages are available.

Please get in touch to schedule your session for between 28-36 weeks into your pregnancy.
Partners & siblings are not only permitted, they are welcomed to participate in the shoot.
Studio or on location sessions are available.

Notify me in advance (2 weeks before your session) if I can provide a hair stylist and a make-up artist for you at our studio
(additional fees apply).


1 + Hour photo session in my cosy Caledon studio or on location.

Individual portraits of you in multiple poses customized especially for you.

Use of my  growing selection of maternity gowns & soft materials (In-studio sessions only).
My time to artistically edit your photos from the session.